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Ari Salomon | Motion Studies Dissected

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I am interested in the way photographs abstract space and time; how they can capture cycles of construction and deconstruction, and evidence of people living or just passing through. Together, the images present questions about cultural authenticity and what makes one location unique from any other.
Another larger theme in my work explores the nature of human perception and how unusual types of photo-mechanical reproduction can make us think about our world in a fresh way. A panoramic photo is not “more real” but simply gives a new facet on how to think about how we see.
“Fabricated Worlds” series focuses on Japanese urban industrial architecture. The pictures are composed of individual photographs, shot in sequence, and then stitched together. Like a traditional kakejiku, these images present a vertical view that includes ground and sky together.
“Rapid Express” series are “linear panoramas” taken with an iPhone from moving trains and other vehicles - they visualize a unique type of spacial and time-based distortion of foreground and background. The viewer pieces together a puzzle of how the camera chooses to smoothly blend together disparate elements and may reflect on their brain’s image-building perceptions. I will present individual images around 3 feet wide as well as extra wide composite images 30 cm tall and 3-6 meters wide.
I love the poetic relationship presented by making art about the grand qualities of mundane buildings — especially in a large-scale, panoramic format. Layers of history are brought to life in this wide angle of view as the eye compares the relationship of buildings and the spaces between them. The viewer discovers unexpected juxtapositions and whimsical details.

会場 | 同時代ギャラリー|DOHJIDAI GALLERY of ART

住所 | 〒604-8082 京都市中京区弁慶石町56 1928ビル2F
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2F 1928 Bldg, 56 Benkeiishi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

会期 | 9/21-10/4 12:00-19:00(12:00-18:00 on last day)
Open everyday

お問い合わせ | 075-256-6155

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